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camisole ribbon dress

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質の良さを感じる “とろみ×艶” のある生地。もちろん1枚でも、春夏にはノースリーブやTシャツと、秋冬にはタートルをレイヤーしても着回せてオールシーズン活躍します。




サイズ:S /7号
バスト    83cm
ウエスト  65cm
着丈    87cm

素材 :ポリエステル100%



The fabric has a "thickness and shine" that gives you a sense of quality. You can wear it on its own or with sleeveless or t-shirts in spring and summer, or layered with turtles in fall and winter.

The fabric has a natural stretch and resilience, and is firm and durable. It also has a smooth, crisp feel and is wrinkle resistant.

The ribbon on the shoulder is a two-way item. You can either tie it to the ribbon or let it hang down in front and back without tying it. If you want to tie it, you can do it yourself, but the tying position is fixed so it is easy.

international standard:XS/34
Bust     83cm
Waist     65cm
Length   87cm

color :Black
material : 100% polyester

※Please note that the product image is a sample, so there may be some errors in the color, size, material mixing ratio, etc.

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¥ 17,600 tax included