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linen-like french sleeve dress BGE

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サイズ:S,M /7-9号
バスト    97cm
ウエスト   73cm-104cm(ゴム使用)
肩幅    51cm
着丈    93cm
毛まわし   240cm

素材 :ポリエステル100%



An easy to wear dress made of thin, light and cool linen-like (linen-like fabric), popular in summer. The drape and slight luster give it an elegant finish.

Made of a fabric called "Reflax".
What is Reflax?
It has a natural, hemp-like feel and a dry texture.This is a wrinkle resistant, non-raveling 5Works material.
・Machine washable with minimal shrinkage.
・Wrinkle-resistant and iron ok
・Vivider than hemp.
・Dry and cool and comfortable to wear with no prickly feeling.
・Long-lasting, with little fluffing even after repeated washing.

It can be adjusted to a wide range of sizes.It has an elastic waistband, so you can either tighten the laces as much as you want to make it look like a model, or loosen it up and let it fall down.

*The thin, light, and just plain cool material is the best feature.
*Beige may be a little transparent, so we recommend wearing an inner layer.

international standard:XS-S/34-36
Bust         93cm
Waist        73cm-104cm (with elastic waistband)
Length       93cm
Shoulder width    51cm
Hem circumference  240cm

color :beige
material : 100% polyester

※Please note that the product image is a sample, so there may be some errors in the color, size, material mixing ratio, etc.

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¥ 9,680tax included

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