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linen-like long flare dress

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サイズ:S,M /7,9号
バスト      100cm
着丈      105cm
肩幅       50cm
袖丈      25cm
袖幅      40cm

素材 :ポリエステル100%



It has a relaxed over-silhouette and the linen-like fabric gives it a light and airy feel.
The perfect summer dress that recreates "ease and comfort in one piece. ”
It is thin, yet wrinkle-resistant, and has a moderate luster that gives it an elegant finish.

The lining is below the knees, not attached to the flared hem, and not attached to the sleeves. The slight transparency gives it a mature and elegant look.

Made of a fabric called "Reflax".

What is Reflax?
It has a natural, hemp-like feel and a dry texture.
This is a wrinkle resistant, non-raveling 5Works material.

・Machine washable with minimal shrinkage.
・Wrinkle-resistant and iron ok
・Vivider than hemp.
・Dry and cool and comfortable to wear with no prickly feeling.
・Long-lasting, with little fluffing even after repeated washing.

*Please be careful not to let the color fade after the first 1.2 washes.

international standard:XS-S/34-36
Bust        100cm
Length       105cm
Shoulder width    50cm
Sleeve length    25cm   
sleeve width    40cm  

color :navy
material : 100% polyester

※Please note that the product image is a sample, so there may be some errors in the color, size, material mixing ratio, etc.

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¥ 13,860tax included

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